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360 / virtual reality 

The world is one big round adventurous place and we've been looking at a cropped view of it for way to long. As I love storytelling by it's traditional film ways, 360 and VR immerse the viewer by showing the real deal of it's image. It affects the viewer to interfere with the content. With 360, viewers get to be completely engrossed, and go to places they’ve never been. Since this new technique is developing rapidly and yet there's no holy grail of use; every 360 job is different and needs custom-made camera solutions to create high quality images. 

aerial (drone)

The outdoors are my site and there is no better way than showing your amazing surroundings in birdview. By building my own systems I can shoot both 360 and traditionally. 





Storytelling stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners. I am in love by creating stories by documenting their life action or create new branded content. 


Photography has become my lifestyle. Capturing moments with both analog and digital camera's has become a daily habit. Again the story behind these moments are truly what matters most. Commercial branded content, human interest, sports documentaire or the travelling lifestyle, it all has this story to tell through stills. 

Hit this Thunderdrone
— Sjors Ruijter




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