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Choose your battle


Recruitment campaign for the Dutch Ministry of Defense commissioned by Revolver Amsterdam & Steam Advertising.

Campaign Manager – Kris Manders

Agency – Steam.
Producer – Cariola van Beek
Creative – Cyril Chermin
Client Director – Onno Gout

Post Production
Editor – Sjors Ruijter
Post Production Supervisor – Peejee Doorduin
Compositors – Mitchel Tan, Rob Wienk

Color – de Grot
Colorist – Erik van den Heuvel

Sound – AMP Amsterdam
Producer – Loïs van Ruijven
VR audio specialist – Bertus Pelser

Production Company

Production Company – Revolver
Director – Hugo Keijzer
1st AD – Boris Apituley
Executive Producer – Raymond van der Kaay
Producer – Daan Starrenburg
Production Manager – Eve Anthony
Production Assistants – Nadir Soltan, Guido Coppis
Camera Operator – Peejee Doorduin
1st AC – Sjors Ruijter
2nd AC- Eli van Cleef
Data handler – Anna Visser
Gaffer – Bart van Tunen
Grip – Peter van Vucht
Sound Recordist – Willem de Wijs
Sound Assistant – Diamo Da Costa
Art Direction – Nathalie Veen
Drone operator – Dirk Valk
Photographer – Stacey Yates




"I will go on an old fashioned roadtrip navigated by paper maps and...gps. In a classic car but I'll bring my phone, electric coolbox and camera.."
~Fons Hartendorp


Project: 360 + Traditional documentary
Role: Camera + Editor
Location: Amsterdam - Dakar
Status: In development
Published: Le Lion d'Or


Clean 2 Antarctica 


In extreme conditions, in unknown terrain (Terra Incognita), you reach the geographic South Pole on solar energy, with an all-terrain vehicle made of waste plastic. An uncomfortable voyage of discovery that claims the ingenuity of man.


Project: 360 Documentary
Role: Camera
Client: Seeker
Production: Dutch Picture Industry
Location: Iceland
Status: In development
Published: Seeker




360 / Virtual Reality 

The world is one big round adventurous place and we've been looking at a cropped view of it for way too long.  As I love storytelling by its traditional film methods, 360 and VR immerse the viewer by showing the real deal of its image. It affects the viewer by immersing them and allowing them to interact with the content. With 360, viewers get completely engrossed and are transported to places they’ve never been. This new technique is developing rapidly, but yet there's no holy grail of usage; every 360 job is different and needs custom-made camera solutions to create high quality images. 


After being outdoors for a while, I'd love to head home and spend time in the studio, post processing my work. My studio hours are often 80% of the total time required for a project. To maintain high standards and powerful stories the image quality needs to be optimized, well-edited and done smoothly before publishing. 


Storytelling stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners. I am in love with creating stories by documenting real-life action or by creating new branded content. 


Photography has become my lifestyle. Capturing moments with both analog and digital cameras have become a daily habit. The story behind these moments is truly what matters most. Commercial branded content, human interest, sports documentaries, and the travelling lifestyle all have their own story to tell.   



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